Czym jest Insurgency 2

Insurgency 2 is a multiplayer FPS with a competitive, intense focus. The game takes place in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia in the present day, featuring infantry-based combat loosely based on real world events. Insurgency is about setting up ambushes, occupying vantage points and protecting your teammates. The game features a strong emphasis on realism in the way weapons function – with features such as viewmodel physics, true optics, suppression blurring and free aim.

Natural Weapon Handling

In the game the first person weapons move around the screen realistically and have first person physics that simulate a „spring” effect when the weapon is moved from one position to another. Weapons are very powerful – frequently dropping enemies in only 1 or 2 shots. Also, we have a 3d scope system that allows for realistic optics where the optics themselves are zoomed in while the surrounding area is not.

Advanced Outfitting and Dynamic Weapon Selection

Our new class and weapon cache systems no longer restrict loadouts to people like in the original game. Your options for classes are light, standard and heavy – whichever one you choose determines your speed, armor and ammo capacity. This is all independent of which weapon you want to use. Players instantly respawn by their team’s weapon caches, which are the new way of arming yourself. Every time you respawn you may choose a different weapon, depending on how you feel. Players can upgrade their weapons by performing objectives, and when they do so it actually upgrades that weapon for everyone on their team.

Tactical Options and Teamplay

The game offers a number of different tactical options including leaning, rate of fire selection and prone. The lethal nature of the game encourages players to actually utilitize these features, and our squad system encourages players to stick together in their approach to the objective area. Teamwork is by no means required in the game, however players that do work with others will perform better.

Objective-Based Game Modes

Our game modes are not your typical deathmatch, they all have focused objective-based gameplay. Each map will support multiple different game modes that the server can choose between. We plan on shipping with at least 3 different game modes, which we will release official information about at a later point in time.


Insurgency 2 is based on the award-winning total-conversion mod for Half-Life 2 entitled Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. Insurgency was a primarily a team-based, multiplayer online shooter focused on tactical, objective-based gameplay. INSURGENCY was downloaded by over 1 million people in the mod’s first week of launch and is recognized by many as one of the best mods that were released for Half-Life 2.

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